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TOPOPTICAL 12x Compact Professional Binoculars Portable Hunting Telescope Long Range 32mm for Birding Watching Moon Camping

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Water Resistance Level: IPX5


Type: Binoculars

Prism Description: BAK4

Objective Lens Diameter: 32mm

Model Number: YJ0045-1

Material: Metal

Magnification: 12x

Lens Coating Description: FMC

Focus Type: CENTRAL

Field of View: 84m/1000m

Eyepiece diameter: 12mm




1.How to understand to the numbers on telescope or binoculars?

As 10x50 Binoculars an example, “10” means the magnification is 10 times, “50” means the objective lens diameter is 50mm. Besides, there is another number will normally exist on the binoculars. Take  “120m/1000m” as an example, it means when the objective you are watching is 1000m far from you, the range of the view that you can see is 120m


2.How far does a telescope/binoculars can see?

The distance of the telescope or binoculars that you can see is calculated in this way:

for example, the magnification is 10 times ~ if you look at an object 1000m away with a telescope or binoculars, it is equivalent to looking at an object 100m away.


3.Is the higher magnification the better telescope/binoculars?

No, different objective lens diameter suits different magnification range. The higher the magnification the larger lens diameter is needed. Too large magnification with inappropriate objective lens diameter will affect the viewing effect.


4.What magnification is better?

For handheld binoculars and telescope, the best magnification is from 6 times to 12 times, if the magnification is higher than those, the image will be really shaky and tired to use it. Using tripod to increase the stability is necessary when the magnification is to high.

For spotting scope and astronomical telescope, normally they can control higher magnification, because they have tripod and their objective lens diameter will normally bigger.


5.How to select your telescope/binoculars?

1)You budget (how much money would you like to pay for it?)

2)Where would you like to use for? What size of telescope or binoculars you want to have? Portable or bigger?

3)A newbie, can select a small and relatively cheaper model


For more detailed question, please feel free to contact the store online service.

We will reply you within 24 hours. We will guide you to make the right choice.


【Product Parameter】

1. Type: Binoculars

2. Magnification: 8x/10x/12x

3.Objective lens diameter: 21mm/25mm/32mm

4. Eyepiece diameter: 11mm/12mm/12mm

5. Field of view: 100m/1000m(8X21)  78m/1000m(10X25)  84m/1000m(12x32)

【The Main Functions】

1. High definition, easy to see moon craters, craters, ravines on the moon.

2. A perfect binoculars for bird watching, hunting, traveling during the daytime.

In the absence of solar film protection, it is forbidden to use a telescope/binoculars to look directly at the sun, otherwise it will cause irreversible damage to the eyes!!!


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