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USB mini air conditioner air cooler fan water-cooled compact humidifier 5 volts for at home and on the go by car or mobile home

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USB Mini Air Conditioner Air Cooler Fan Water Cooled Compact Humidifier

5 volts for at home and on the road in a car or mobile home

White A:

Voltage: 5V/2A

Water tank volume: 300 ml

Product size: height 240mm * diameter 145.5mm

White B

Material: ABS+PP

Product size: 166*143*242mm

Packing size: 180mm*158mm*256mm

Input power: 7W

Input power: USB 5V/1.5A

Color temperature: colorful light

Product selling point:

1: 4 gears wind speed adjustment, more choices;

2: Added timing function, no more need to get up at night;

3: Cold wind and natural wind can be switched at will;

4: Colorful atmosphere breathing lights to help you sleep well;

5: 700ml upper water tank, 4-5 hours of continuous cooling, lower condensate water tank, repeated adsorption and cooling of the wet curtain without waste;

6: Fully sealed upper water tank to prevent water leakage;

7: Using a 4.5μm atomizer, after a long time blowing, the body will not get wet and the table will not get wet;

8: There is a condensate tank at the bottom of the machine, which can collect the condensate produced in the process of cold air, which is absorbed by the wet curtain and evaporated by the fan to achieve the cooling effect.

9: With the whole body waterproof and anti-lock 12V DC motor, the performance is more stable

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