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Quality 24L chemical toilet portable toilet for camping motorhome tent ship boat bathroom toilet on the go safe odorless

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Professional quality camping toilet with fresh water tank and waste water tank underneath

The lower tank has a pivoting spout which is sealed and not at the side but at the highest point for 100% safety

of the tank is attached.

Leak proof.

With ventilation valve to compensate for the negative pressure when disposing of waste water.

With waste water level indicator on the side (green= ok, red= empty).

Manual hygiene opener/closer.

fresh water inlet. Efficient flush pusher.


Own weight: 4.6 kg

Shape of the toilet bowl: rounded

Structure: two-piece

Model Number: Dual Flush

Material: ABS

Flushing method: gravity flush

Irrigation Flow Rate: 3.0-4.5L

Type of Flush Button: Side-pushing one-piece shape

Exhaust valve: swivel pipe

24L new portable plastic toilet

The operation is exceptionally convenient.

It is suitable for ship RV camping, construction sites, hospitals, nursing homes, etc.;

The material is safe and environmentally friendly, and has no peculiar odor.

Use commercially available camping waste water chemicals (available in every hardware store) and mix with fresh water as required.

Wastewater is thereby chemically bound and odorless.

Item No.: OC14

Product description: portable mobile toilet

Material: PP ABS

Product size: 46*37*44.5CM

Carton size: 47*40*46CM

Packing specification: 1pcs/carton (plastic bag + 5-layer corrugated cardboard, strong carton)

Gross weight: 5.7 kg

Net weight: 4.6 kg

1. lightweight and easy to carry

2. One-button separation of upper and lower bins, convenient for dirt disposal

3. high quality material, odor resistant, no odor nuisance

4. Upgraded dual jets for more complete flushing

5. wide floor space

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