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Mobile Rechargeable Mini Air Conditioner Portable Mobile Humidifier Air Purifier USB Air Cooler Water Fan Cooler

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The mobile mini air conditioner.

It has never been like this before. For indoor and outdoor spaces.

The device is independent of the house electricity and therefore less dangerous and more mobile.

Can also be charged with a car adapter. Absolute mobility is thus guaranteed.

You can also sit on the beach with it if you have to ;-)

Improved version 2022. This also makes it look a bit heavier.

Actually effective cooling is achieved.

Suitable for emergencies and also permanent cooling. In case of doubt, even 2 devices in use increase the cooling.

Popular with campers and highly recommended for heat-affected pets.

The climate cube is absolutely harmless and can be used anywhere. It ensures pleasant cooling in a room of about 10 m².


  • The easiest way to cool. Whether at home, at work, outdoors, in the car or in the mobile home. The evaporative air cooler draws in warm air and forces it through the wet filter. Dirt gets caught. Further cooling takes place thanks to an extremely fine water vapor mist. Sometimes you can watch the fog. The cold air outlet can be controlled by 3 operating levels and the louvers.

  • Protected from moisture, there are 2 batteries in the upper area.

  • Works via any USB power adapter socket, i.e. also on a laptop, power bank or socket. First, fully charge the device.

  • You just have to fill the tank with water. You can also add ice cubes. Choose one of the 3 levels and enjoy the refreshing cooling!

Product description:

  • Operating time up to 12 hours

  • 2 strong batteries (together with 5000 mAh)

  • efficient & harmless

  • Switch: 3-speed, off/on

  • Color green

  • Product size: 122mm x 108mm x 142mm

  • Product net weight: 415 g

  • Wind strength levels: high, medium and low

  • Water tank control: electronic control, temperature-controlled fine mist spray

  • Filter element: 3mm filter

  • Slats: push-pull moveable

  • LED light: Monochrome light

  • Room size: 10 m²

  • Cold temperature: lower than 8-12 degrees Celsius

  • Water tank capacity: 200ml

  • Product material: ABS

  • Power Cord Length: 1.2m

  • Input: 5V1A

  • Power consumption: 4W

  • Useful life: 1st gear: 11 hrs./2nd gear Gear: 6 hrs/3rd gear Walk: 5 hours

Package content:

  • 1 x air cooler

  • 1 x USB power cable


Origin: CN(Origin)

Model number: SL08

Feature 7: humidifier FAN

Feature 6: Multifunctional humidifier

Feature 5: Mini fan

Feature 4: Desktop Table Fan

Feature 3: USB Desk Fan

Feature 2: air FAN

Feature 1: air purifier

Brand Name: XIAOMI

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