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Handheld Mini GPS Navigator Rechargeable with Battery Carabiner Pendant GPS Positioner Compass Tourist Guide

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Rechargeable pocket navigation handheld


  • Mini format, approximate palm size

  • Displays target direction and target distance

  • Destination point can be set, maximum 16 waypoints.

  • Stores and displays travel distance and travel time.

  • Shows your current geo position: longitude, latitude and altitude.

  • Displays your speed.

  • Satellite-synchronous precise time indication

  • Ideal for camping, hiking, traveling and working

  • Operating hours for max. 10 hours


  • Color: Orange/Army Green

  • Refresh rate: 1

  • Material: ABS

  • Memory capacity: 512KB

  • Memory: 4MB (user memory 300 kbye)

  • Accuracy of positioning: 5-15m

  • Battery: Built-in lithium-ion battery

  • Screen size: 1.4 inch

  • Dimensions: 65*53*21mm

Package included:

  • 1 x GPS Positioning (No SIM Card and SD Card Included)

  • 1 x USB cable

  • 1 * Carabiner Pendant

  • 1 x English user manual

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