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Foldable Laundry Net Multifunctional Portable Drying Rack Net 4 Layers Indoor Mesh Fruit Vegetable Storage Basket

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Name: 4-layer square dry net

Weight: 800g (including bag)

Size: 39cm*39cm*10cm

Packing: dry net + a portable bag, 40pcs/box

Weight of one box: 32.6 kg

Box size: 44cm*45cm*62cm

Color: khaki, brown

Material: Encrypted Mesh + Traveler


1. Simple, lightweight and ventilated mesh material.

2. Storage room on the fourth floor.

3. Each layer has a balancing circle, not easy to bend and deform.

3. It is easy to fold and comes with a storage bag.

4. Clean and hygienic camping

5. Encrypted mesh design, dustproof and foreign objects, a good product for bugs.

6. Camping, fishing, travel and other places can be used.

Scope of delivery:

1 x dry net + a portable bag

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